Weekend Testing Europe 67 Experience: Heuristics In Testing

This week I decided to go international and participated in my first Weekend Testing Europe session. It’s not region locked or anything, the sessions offered by the Weekend Testing Americas I’ve attended have all had an international cast of characters as well. Mostly it offers people more convenient times, although I have had my curiosity … [Read more…]

Weekend Testing: Bug Rehab Report

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend another session of WeekendTesting. This session was a little different than the last session I attended on Mobile Testing since we weren’t going to focus on testing software but instead on Bug Rehab. Bug Report Rehab The goal of the session was to look at existing bug … [Read more…]

Weekend Testing Experience Report

I first heard of Weekend Testing several years ago, I meant to get involved then but just never made the time. Enter the CAST 2015 live stream and the keynote by Ajay Balamurugadas where there was a call to action to engage and contribute to the community. I hadn’t realized there was such a strong … [Read more…]