Is this What Burnt Out Feels Like?

Imposter syndrome is common in the software industry and it’s not unique to developers. It’s exciting to be in an industry that is evolving and changing so quickly. It’s hard though when you do plug-in and feel the sheer volume of blogs, books, webinars, training, open source projects, the list is never ending. I have … [Read more…]


Testing isn’t dead but it doesn’t mean we can’t dig into it to better understand it. I attended the Testopsies – Dissecting Your Testing tutorial by Michael Bolton at CAST 2016. Lets open up the experience and take a deeper look. What is Testing We broke up into groups to define / draw out what … [Read more…]

Getting Ready for CAST 2016

If you haven’t heard CAST 2016 is going on next week. Last year, I got caught up in following the live stream of the conference. Between the real-time stream and setting up tweetdeck to follow the conference hashtag, it was great since you get to still feel involved even if you can’t be there in … [Read more…]

Comparing Databases Using Open DBDiff

You may need to compare different development environments before pushing out the update script to production. Maybe you have on premise installations and you need to verify database changes will work as expected across your customer base. In any case you need to be sure that your database is in a state where the rest … [Read more…]

Testing School Dropout

Over the last few weeks twitter has been on ablaze with controversy, seemingly out of nowhere bombs started dropping all over the Context Driven Testing Community. It all feels a little like being swept up in a tornado and transported to Oz… Lawsuits, Bullying, and Taking Sides, Oh My! It Hurts to See When I … [Read more…]

A Healthier Relationship With Code

Code is great, it’s the entire reason testers have jobs. Despite it’s intimate role in our day to day live so many testers have come to have a dysfunctional relationship with it. Why is that? How can it change? Fear Even outside of testing, code is intimidating to many people. According to a National Center … [Read more…]

More Than A Mindset

How often do you hear talk of a testers mindset… You ever wonder what people actually mean when thy say this? I do, every time I hear it I tense up a little and wonder are we all talking about the same thing? The Divine Tester Doesn’t it often have a ring of mysticism when … [Read more…]

Dark Matter Testers

Some time ago I read a blog post by Scott Hanselman called Dark Matter Developers: The Unseen 99%. The idea being that the bulk of the developers are people that: They don’t read a lot of blogs, they never write blogs, they don’t go to user groups, they don’t tweet or facebook, and you don’t … [Read more…]