Code Cooties: C# Basics for Testers

There’s a lot of fear and mysticism associated with code. As a result some testers treat interacting directly with code like its covered in cooties. Immediately taking evasive action to avoid the potential exposure to that life threatening imaginary playground disease. Seriously though, no matter how readable it may seem to those familiar, it’s easy … [Read more…]

(re)Defining Testing

It’s really hard to explain to people why testing is a valuable activity if you can’t describe what it is you are doing and why you are doing it. Intuition is a big part of testing, but intuition is fed by understanding. A good detective or doctor might have a hunch, but that hunch is … [Read more…]

Keep it Simple, There’s more to it

From KISS to Occam’s Razor, we’ve all heard sage advice in some form or another about keeping things simple. It could be about the user experience of the software you are working with, it could be about your test approach. Sometimes though, there’s more to simple than meets the eye. Some times it means… Don’t … [Read more…]

Can we stop saying we break software?

I cringe every time I talk to a tester and they equate testing to breaking software. It’s diminutive It’s not unusual for developers or other people outside of the test team to not fully understand what testers do. Tests we perform may seem extreme, unusual or unnecessary to outsiders until the reasoning behind them is … [Read more…]