BBST Foundations Week 4 In Review

This week is all about the final exam. I talked a little about the exam format and the study hall forum in the last experience report. I had hoped to write answers to all of the questions and take a look the rest of the groups answers and any feedback provided. I didn’t get through … [Read more…]

BBST Foundations Week 3 In Review

This is part 3 of my experience through the 4 week BBST Foundations Course. Week 1 In Review Week 2 In Review Week 4 In Review The Last Week Before the Exam This week was different from the previous two weeks. The exam study forum was open and possible test questions were listed, so you … [Read more…]

BBST Foundations Week 2 In Review

So here we are at the end of week 2, halfway through BBST Foundations Course. If you want to see the how the rest of this process has been you can check out: Week 1 In Review Week 3 In Review Week 4 In Review I’m still here glad I signed up, but its been … [Read more…]

BBST Foundations Week 1 In Review

I remember reading about the Black Box Software Testing(BBST) courses a few years ago, but similar to Weekend Testing I never got around to actually signing up. However, the more I started following the testing community the more the BBST courses popped up. I wasn’t sure what to make of them, so I went looking … [Read more…]