Finding Happy Choices

There’s a term for juggling your work life and personal life, work life balance. It’s hard not to hear about it, companies talk about it all the time, in interviews, in meetings, it’s everywhere and it’s great that it’s being taken seriously. Fantastic, let’s assume then that your job provides a healthy work life balance. … [Read more…]

Getting Ready for CAST 2016

If you haven’t heard CAST 2016 is going on next week. Last year, I got caught up in following the live stream of the conference. Between the real-time stream and setting up tweetdeck to follow the conference hashtag, it was great since you get to still feel involved even if you can’t be there in … [Read more…]

Dark Matter Testers

Some time ago I read a blog post by Scott Hanselman called Dark Matter Developers: The Unseen 99%. The idea being that the bulk of the developers are people that: They don’t read a lot of blogs, they never write blogs, they don’t go to user groups, they don’t tweet or facebook, and you don’t … [Read more…]

A Thankful Tester

Living in the United States, Thanksgiving takes up an interesting position in the holiday season. Wedged in-between the more commercialized holidays of Halloween and Christmas, as casual outsider might completely miss Thanksgiving if it hadn’t been sanctified as the entrance gate to Christmas shopping. It’s probably best when talking about the holidays to gloss over … [Read more…]