More Than A Mindset

How often do you hear talk of a testers mindset… You ever wonder what people actually mean when thy say this? I do, every time I hear it I tense up a little and wonder are we all talking about the same thing? The Divine Tester Doesn’t it often have a ring of mysticism when … [Read more…]

Dark Matter Testers

Some time ago I read a blog post by Scott Hanselman called Dark Matter Developers: The Unseen 99%. The idea being that the bulk of the developers are people that: They don’t read a lot of blogs, they never write blogs, they don’t go to user groups, they don’t tweet or facebook, and you don’t … [Read more…]

The Evergreen Tester

This was first published in Testing Circus Magazine – March 2016 Edition . Feeding the revolution in web technology and development has been the advent of evergreen browsers. These browsers will update automatically as new features are added or bugs fixed often without any intervention from the end users.   This change has unshackled web … [Read more…]

Code Cooties: C# Basics for Testers

There’s a lot of fear and mysticism associated with code. As a result some testers treat interacting directly with code like its covered in cooties. Immediately taking evasive action to avoid the potential exposure to that life threatening imaginary playground disease. Seriously though, no matter how readable it may seem to those familiar, it’s easy … [Read more…]