Automated Driving Vs. Testing

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association has wanted to ban self driving cars. Elon Musk says it could lead to ban human driving. Does this debate sound familiar? Testers have been struggling with coming to terms with the role of automation within their own companies and across the software industry as a whole for years … [Read more…]

Unicorns Of Testing

You may hear the term Technical Tester thrown around more and more these days. You may even hear how there is shortage of candidates for those types of roles. The technical tester sounds like a mythical creature, some hybrid between a developer and a tester. I’m all for testers learning new skills and contributing to … [Read more…]

Automation: Redirecting the Magic Bullet

Automated testing is a pretty contentious subject in the testing world. We spend a great deal of time and energy distinguishing between what a tester does while engaging with a product and what the automated tests or checks are doing. Justifying why we need to have a person actually interact with the software instead of … [Read more…]