Resolutions of a Tester 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, it’s time to start setting goals and laying out plans for 2016. Before I go into my resolutions as a tester for 2016, I wanted to express my thanks to the brave readers of this blog. Without further ado, this testers New Years Resolutions… Linux and the Cloud If … [Read more…]

Test Case Pains

There’s pressure to find bugs. If testers are not reporting bugs it leads to all kinds of uncomfortable questions. There’s the usual management need to provide tangible and quantifiable evidence that the cost of testing is being balanced or offset by some improvement in quality. Customers may also be question the test cycle, and its … [Read more…]

Data Driven Testing with Nunit 3

Data Driven tests are a nice way to reduce boiler plate code and offer the option for less technical users to contribute to test cases. We’ll be using nunit 3 for these examples so I’ll be covering the option for data driven tests and some of the changes for nunit 3.0. All the examples are … [Read more…]

Testers = Translators

As testers we are often caught in the middle, if fact it happens so frequently you may not even realize that it is occurring. It can be awkward, it can be frustrating but after a while you end up being fluent in the languages of business and software development. Then like most people that can … [Read more…]