Testers Find Your Special Purpose

When I started in testing, the test team was completely separate from the development team. It wasn’t that we couldn’t speak to developers, it was more about maintaining a separation from the corrupting influence of the developers and their management. Like West Side Story, it was a relatively jovial relationship so long as everybody stuck … [Read more…]

Level Up Tests using a custom Assertion Library: Fluent Assertions

One of the most important parts of an automated test is a clear intent. Test frameworks like xUnit, MSTest, Nunit, etc. offer some powerful tools for structuring and executing tests. However, their syntax and conventions can be constraining for people writing the tests and more challenging for people reading the tests. Fluent Assertions is an … [Read more…]

Weekend Testing: Bug Rehab Report

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend another session of WeekendTesting. This session was a little different than the last session I attended on Mobile Testing since we weren’t going to focus on testing software but instead on Bug Rehab. Bug Report Rehab The goal of the session was to look at existing bug … [Read more…]

BBST Foundations Week 4 In Review

This week is all about the final exam. I talked a little about the exam format and the study hall forum in the last experience report. I had hoped to write answers to all of the questions and take a look the rest of the groups answers and any feedback provided. I didn’t get through … [Read more…]